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Who we are

Who we are

The Group operates in the building sector since 1974. In recent years, the "Group" through cooperatives, limited Company and their consortia have produced and delivered approximately 6,800 housing units.

According tso the logic of the operating time for each operation a special purpose society is made up that operates separately from the others sometimes involving operators in the area, sometimes working on their own. Among the most important are the following ones: "ITALSI Srl", "ALFA 80 Srl", "CONSORTIUM ITALDOMUS", "CONSORTIUM EUROCASA", "CONSORTIUM ITALCASA", "ITALCASA Srl", "BRIDGE Srl", "BRIDGE 2 Srl", "ITALENERGIE TRADE Srl "Cooperative" ITALDOMUS FIRST "," COOPERATIVE ITALDOMUS TWO "," COOPERATIVE DIAMOND "," Archimede Srl "," VILLA RIVALTA Srl "," PALAZZO PEPOLI Srl "," PEPOLI SERVICES Srl "," SENECA Srl "," ASTREA Srl "," Segesta Srl "," IPERICO Srl ", which operated throughout the entire Italian national territory; the most important projects have been created in the town of Termoli, Campobasso, Larino, Piedimonte San Germano, San Salvo, Vasto, Pineto, Macerata, Bologna, Rome, Venice and Verona.

The first cooperative promoted and headed by Raffaele Valente was in 1974  "Difesa Grande" that after six years in Termoli (CB)  created an area of 680 housing units (apartments and villas) with roads, shopping centre, church, schools and soccer fields.

In 1976, it was incorporated for Consumer Cooperative with 450 members and with the opening of 4 square meters of shopping centres. 350 each and an annual turnover of ITL 3,000,000,000.

In 1978 the Cooperative "La Molisana" after two years fulfiled 68 lodgings in Larino.

In 1979 Raffaele Valente became President of the Regional Union of Molise (Confcooperative), member of the National Council and National Executive with mandate for local authorities (Regional and Provincial Unions). In 1981 he became Commissioner of Campania Region.

In 1980 Valente on behalf of Confcooperativa and the League, with the Director of the Fund for the South Dr. Coscia and Minister  Mancini  established a mechanism to use the funds "for houses for industrial workers" (480 + 360 billions lire ITL). Valente coordinated the plroject (and made accommodations for 360 housing units in Termoli, 250 Vasto / San Salvo, 560 in Piedimonte San Germano).

In 1980 - 1981  the cooperative "MILADY" was estabilished achieving Campagnano (Roma) - near Olgiata - 480 single villas for army generals and admirals.

In 1981 a committee of three presidents (one Valente) with EIB funds and FERST, coordinating from St. Paul Banks, Banca Popolare di Novara, Cariplo, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, estabilished funds with which e 450,000 housing Cooperatives and consortia were made, throughout Italy by financing Cooperatives and Consortia with building  plans.

In 1981 - 1982 - 1983 consortia ITALCASA   in Campobasso and Termoli EUROCASA  are formed, that make 1,200 rooms in Campobasso and Termoli.

In 1984 the Consortium  of Cooperatives "CAM" was established (35 cooperatives of Molise, Abruzzo, provinces of Foggia, Caserta and Frosinone and two mountain communities) and also the Cooperative "COC" which built three shopping centers of approx. 2,400 square metres financed by the Fund for the South with "funds for the inland areas" to promote and market agricultural products and livestock.

In 1985 and 1986 the Cooperative "La Rinascita" and "Marinelle" were formed, which made
600 accommodations after three years in Larino (CB).

From 1981 to 1986, Valente coordinated the reform of the absistance to cooperatives and farmers in the South (throough Cassa per il Mezzogiorno funds it was possible to constitute nuclei of land agiculturalists that were located in the Mountain Communities).

In 1986 - 1988 Valente  realized a residence of 720 units and a hotel of 160 rooms on the seaside  in Peschici in Gargano in Monaccore Bay , with the company "Julia Spa".

In 1987 and 1988, Valente with the Agricultural Consortium, the University of Debrecen, the city of Debrecen and the Hungarian government in Debrecen are a Hungarian Agricultural Cooperative that administers 7,500 hectares of the former Cooperatives of the State. The principle is the same as Italian: it was delivered to the farmers everything that was necessary to produce; Consortium withdrew all products and marketed them in Germany.

In 1988 - 1989 - 1990, In Yugoslavia Valente established various companies building resorts, marinas,  companies that bought two hunting reserves (one is to Tito's Bugoino 25,000 hectares), a bank in Zagreb with International visas. The company ITALSI (chaired by Valente) with the company BONIFICHE Spa (IRI group)  concluded with the Yugoslav Government the construction of the purifier for Split, settlement of the Port of Split and the restoration of the Palace of Diocletian (135 billions lire).

In 1991, Valente founded the company"Matese" that bought from IRI companies "Campitello Spa" and "Intur Spa" owning the entire ski resort of Campitello Matese in Molise (thus the first privatization IRI was made).

In 1992  IRI used Valente, external consultant, to evaluate proposals for the purchase of companies to be privatized (Reclamation, Pipelines, ITALSTRADE, Maccarese etc.).

In 1992 - 1993  Valente acquires the company "Edilcursi spa" with headquarters in Maglie that had currently underway the achievement of 611 villas in Maglie, Otranto, Gallipoli, Casarano.

In 1992 - 1993 for the Confcooperative Valente signed with 'IRI (President Prodi) the purchase of Cirio - Bertolli - De Rica. Bertolli was sold to Unilever, Cirio to Mr Cragnotti and De Rica remained to Confcooperative.

In 1994, Valente established in Teramo  ITALDOMUS consortium that  built 382 apartments and 69 villas in Teramo, a directional shopping centre in Pineto of 7,500 square meters.

In 1995 Valente became president of the Foreign Cooperation Confcooperative and immediately effective member commission Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In 1997 - 1998 - 1999,+ Consortium EUROCASA achieved 22 villas in Penne.

In 1999 - 2001 the Consortium Eurocasa achieved a resort for holiday of 32 units in Montesilvano  .

In 2000 - 2002 the Consortium EUROCASA made 28 single villas in Pescara on the most fashionable hill 300 meters from the centre and near  the Courthouse and  University.

In 2000 the Consortium acquired EUROCASA area in the centre of Giulianova on which there was a PRUSST which involved the construction of 15 villas and 40 self-contained apartments all with sea view. The procedure of PRUSST  completed its course in 2005.

In 2000 the company  "Archimede Ltd." was formed  in Bologna that bought a property in the centre of Bologna in Via Serlio being restructured for the construction of  autonomus 28 units .

In 2001  "Villa Rivalta Ltd." was formed in Bologna and  a villa of '500 in Bologna square was bought. 2,100 square metres in a 6-hectare park; all being restructured for the subsequent sale of portions of buildings for residential and commercial (dentist's) use.

In 2002, is ITALCASA LTD that bought an untreated building  16,000 square meters in the town of Macerata, with the aim of achieving a mall û directional centre;

In 2002  an  adjacent area to the centre of Macerata was compromised on which to build 45 apartments. That area  was subsequently sold after making the exploitation of the same (the project and approval by the building committee of the City Administration)

In 2002,  Palazzo Pepoli Ltd. was formed that  purchased on April 18, 2002 from  "Cardine Banca spa" the namesake "Palazzo Pepoli Antico" of 1300 AD located in Bologna at Via Castiglione n. 6/8/10 (100 m. From Piazza Maggiore) for a total of 16,350 square meters. The restructuring involves the integration and the creation of the Museum of the City of Bologna, on the one hand, with a prestigious condominium units for directional and housing use.

In 2003 - 2005  "Bridge Ltd." is formed that was won by Ferrovie Real Estate SpA in a public sale "Palazzo Pizzardi Legnani" in Bologna Via Farini - Via d'Azeglio (100 mters from Piazza Maggiore), with an overall size  25,000 square meters. The renovation  included the installation of the Courthouse of Bologna.

In 2005 - 2007 the company "Bridge 2 Ltd"  was founded which  in a public sale won through the bidding procedure by "Poste Italian SpA" the building located in Verona , inViviani  Square for a total size of approximately 8,500 square meters. The deed of purchase was signed on the 15th of the month of December 2005.

Since 2004 the Group has focused its real estate activities on two areas:
- The first, the most intense, direct purchase of buildings of historical interest in the centres of major Italian cities such as Verona, Bologna, Rome, Milan, Parma and Brescia through acquisitions as "package" or "individual parts". These acquisitions are mostly made through the participation of the Group, now accredited by special purpose  of the companies, at the public sales held by organizations such as San Paolo IMI SpA, Ferrovie Real Estate SpA, Poste Italiane SpA or, if possible, through private negotiations. Subsequently, the Group took  care of transferring the property  at the state of purchase, but in case of a conenient offer, or entrust the restructuring companies Construction and then selling it, subdividing the property into independent units.
- The second directed to the purchase of income"rented buildings". These purchases are made with great caution as the parameters used for selection are different (performance, positioning of the building, future use, versatility of the building, etc ... ..).

In 2009 the Group Valente entered the sector joining James Franciosa's Film Industry  (nephew of the famous Italo-American actor Anthony Franciosa ) and combining entrepreneurship and administrative  of Group Valente with the specific experience acquired in the world from Franciosa. So they succeeded in a short time at dominating the industry with innovative products, which collected the  interest of Major industry and also devoting themselves to social issues (child abuse, stalking, etc ... ..) that would lead to the company D'Andrea & Franciosa Film Ltd. and Cabiria Ltd. and national and International  awards (Palmares prize in Cannes, Agave of Crystal in Lerici, etc ...).
Also in 2009 the Group Valente continuing to diversify its business entered the field of
Food marketing, increasing the purchase of Shopping Centers owned and developing a Production Cooperative with which it entered the market of both the in  product and Organic product about the fruit and vegetable sector as well as  the packaged product (oil, pasta, sugar, chicken, wine , etc ...). The direct relationship with manufacturers meant that the Cooperative was immediately appreciated for the quality and the operational reliability that nowadays involves it to be present both on the Italian market in supermarkets in GDO and canteens as well as in the International market (Germany, England, Switzerland).

In 2010/2011 the Group given the crisis affecting the country Italy had increased its attention abroad and developed projects in Montenegro where it was present  with companies forming part of the Group. They developed on request of Italian and Montenegrin Governments projects of international recognizing such projects of European recognizing a grant. In particular they developed:
- A project in the field of Building (called Millennium) that was produced in partnership with a public real estate fund of Montenegro;
- A project led to the establishment of an Agricultural Consortium for the promotion, organization, development of the Agricultural sector in Montenegro;
- A project, also linked to the Agricultural Consortium, aimed at the construction of a direct intervention to correct the usual annual problem  of flooding due to overflowing of Lake Scudari. This intervention involved the construction of a work composed in two phases. The first one led to the channeling of water to the coast; the second aimed at creating an operation to import water in Italy with which an agreement was made to purchase what would be imported given the needs of the country (especially in the South Center area).